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Together, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of our youth, one mentorship at a time.


At the Emerald Village, our mission is to empower and inspire youth ages 12-18 through transformative mentoring program dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where they can develop confidence  resilience, and leadership skills necessary to thrive in todays world. through our comprehensive program, we equip our youth with the tools and resources necessary  to become resilient, compassionate leaders. We encourage mentees to explore their interests , develop critical thinking skills and pursue their dreams with determination and ambition.


We envision a future where every participant of The Emerald Village Youth Mentorship Program discovers their unique strengths, talents, and potential. Through purposeful mentorship, experiential learning, and meaningful connections, We aim to cultivate a generation of confident and compassionate young adults who are not only equipped with essential life skills but also driven by a deep sense of responsibility towards their communities and the world at large 


Tyese Woodson


Board Member

Chanda Phifer

Chanda is a creative director that curates a group activities and events with style. Chanda has provided young women with a sense, and more through mentorship. Chanda brings over 30 years of experience working with children and young adults of all ages

Board Member

Ahisha Kalima

Ahisha provides entrepreneurial know-how, networking experience, and compassion all rolled into one. Ahisha supports The Emerald Village with the diligence necessary to see the mission and vision through

Board Member

Stacey Lee

Stacey brings over 10 years of experience as a mental health counselor. Stacey has positively impacted youth and adults, helping them realize the are not their trauma! Stacey demonstrates expertise in decreasing depression, anxiety, self-doupt, and more to her clients.




We raise awareness and improve prenention strategies through youth mental health awareness.



We fight for our youth to walk within their own power by helping them realize their potential.



We establish partnerships and leadership in safe environments where youth can exercise their given talents and abilities


We are a nonprofit organization that not only offer one-on-one mentoring to youth ages 12-18 but extends mentoring through partnerships with businesses willing to offer classes, workshops, internships, and tutoring to our young people so they are able to operate within their full potential.

Learning tracks:

digital creation, coding, aviation, dance, creative writing, arts, & crafts, entrepreneurship and leadership classes, and more

Parents are also supported with advocacy programs that aid in areas such as mental health counseling and case management style services.

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We don't just say we appreciate you, we show you!

Get involved and receive an


The Emerald Village corporate sponsors

Community supporters

When action follows vision, positive change can begin to happen

Internship opportunities

Is your teen interested in particular fields as a potential carrier?

We have the means to provide internships in areas such as healthcare, aviation, horticulture, cosmetology, and sports fitness.

Group Activities

Because of our partnerships, supporters are able to teach, train, and educate on the importance of optimal  health

Activities we provide

-Dance class

-self-esteem coaching






-academic tutoring

Monthly Check -Ins

Our check-ins sessions are designed to foster strong partnerships between parents and mentors, creating a united front that maximizes the impact of the mentoring relationship, By maintaining regular communication and building trust, parents and mentors can create supportive network that empowers mentees to reach their full potential.

Parent Advocating

There is no such tings as a perfect parent! We get it. We've been parents too. A part of being involved in the village is about receiving assistance in areas that parents need. We provide a case management style atmosphere , but with gentle listening ear and touch

Potential Needs


-job assistance

-carer counseling

-GD classes/Group Tutorig

-mental hath check-ins and support

-and other resources...

You don't have to do this alone: TEV is by your side!


We believe in the power of mentorship to unlock the full potential of young women. our mentor are passionate role models who offer guidance, support, and encouragement to help mentees navigate challenges, set meaningful goals, and discover their unique strengths. By cultivating a trusting ad inclusive space, we foster an atmosphere of mutual respect empathy, and active listening.

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Tel: +1 (443) 876-8742


2035 W. North Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217

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